The Pocket Guide to World History

Suckling, John. 1609-42. English poet, lyricist. Invented cribbage. [Read more ...]

Sucre, Antonio de. 1795-1830. Revolutionary with Bolivar. First Bolivian president 1826-8. [Read more ...]

Sudan. 4000BC = Nubia. c3000BC Egypt. 11-4C BC Cush Empire. c350 Aksum. 6C Christian. 15C Moslem. 1821 Egypt. 1898 Kitchener conquers...1899 Anglo/Egypt administration. 1956 Independent. [Read more ...]

Sudetenland. German speaking area of Czechoslovakia given to Hitler by Munich Agreement 1938. [Read more ...]

Suetonius. c69-122. Roman biographer. Lives of the Caesars. [Read more ...]

Suez Canal. 1850BC First. 600BC Necho II. 500BC Darius I. 250BC Ptolemy II. 100 Trajan. 1859-69 Built by Lesseps. 1875 Britain buys 44%. 1956 Egypt Nationalizes. [Read more ...]

Suez Crisis. 1956. Denied US finance for Aswan Dam, Egypt nationalizes canal. Israel invades Sinai. France, Britain try to retake canal. UN occupies Canal Zone. [Read more ...]

Suffolk, First duke. c1484-1545. Brother-in-law, aide of Henry VIII. Incompetent military leader. [Read more ...]

Suffolk, Duke of. -1554. Father, supported Lady Jane Grey. Executed for Wyat Rebellion. [Read more ...]

Suffolk Resolves. 1774. American colonists pledge disobedience to Intolerable Acts. End trade with Britain. [Read more ...]

Suffrage, Women. 1893 New Zealand. 1902 Australia. 1906 Finland. 1913 Norway. 1915 Denmark. 1917 USSR. 1918 Canada. 1918/28 Britain. Reform Bills. 1920 US. 1971 Switzerland. 1976 Liechtenstein. Not yet in Arab countries. Wyoming. [Read more ...]

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