The Pocket Guide to World History

Stoicism. 4C BC. Ideal life of restraint, duty, ignoring passions, desires. Mind is a finer subdivision of matter. There are universal natural laws. Founded by Zeno. [Read more ...]

Stoker, Bram. 1847-1912. Irish novelist. Dracula 1897. [Read more ...]

Stokes, G. Gabriel, Baronet. 1819-1903. Irish discoverer of ultraviolet flourescence. Law of Viscosity. [Read more ...]

Stokes, Whitley. 1830-1909. Irish jurist, revised laws in India. [Read more ...]

Stokowski, Leopold. 1882-1977. US conductor of contemporary and unusual works. [Read more ...]

Stolypin, Pyotr. 1862-1911. Russian Prime Minister 1906-. Used secret police to control revolutionaries. Moderate reforms. [Read more ...]

Stone Age. Period before use of metal tools. Date varies by region: Near east -c3500BC Paleolithic. Neolithic. [Read more ...]

Stonehenge. c18-14C BC. English megalithic monument with astronomical properties, religious purpose. [Read more ...]

Stopes, Marie. 1880-1958. British Family Planning pioneer. First London birth control clinic 1921. [Read more ...]

Storm, Theodor. 1817-88. German Realist writer. Rider of the White Horse 1838. Pole Poppenspäler 1874. [Read more ...]

Storting. 1814-. Bicameral Norwegian parliament. [Read more ...]

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