The Pocket Guide to World History

Spenser, Edmund. 1552-99. English poet: Faerie Queen 1590. “The poet’s poet”. [Read more ...]

Speranski, Mikhail. 1772-1839. Russian adviser of Czar Alexander I. Reform advocate, law code compiler. [Read more ...]

Sperry, Elmer. 1860-1930. US inventor of gyrocompass, improved dynamo, arc lamp. [Read more ...]

Speusippus. -339BC. Led Athens Academy after Plato. First Encyclopedia. [Read more ...]

Speyer, Diet. 1526,1529. Luther’s protest against the church’s intolerance of Reformers. [Read more ...]

Sphynx. Greek mythical creature with lion’s body, human head. Killed who could not solve riddle. Earliest known 2550BC. [Read more ...]

Spinoza, Baruch. 1632-77. Dutch Rationalist philosopher. Criticized scriptures. Excommunicated by Jews. God and nature are one. Determinist. Pantheist. God and Nature 1659. Ethics 1665. [Read more ...]

Spirit of St. Louis. 1927. Lindbergh’s plane for solo Atlantic flight. [Read more ...]

Spiritualists, Greater World. 1931. Christian sect communicating with the dead. [Read more ...]

Splendid Isolation. 1895-1902. Salisbury foreign policy. British naval strength required no ally. [Read more ...]

Spode, Josiah. 1754-1829. British discoverer of bone china 1794. [Read more ...]

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