The Pocket Guide to World History

Spanish Succession, War. 1701-14. Britain, Holy Roman Empire, Netherlands vs Spain, France. Opposed French Philip V succession to Spanish throne creating power imbalance. Queen Anne’s War. [Read more ...]

Sparta. 9C BC-396. A dominant Greek city-state 6-4C BC. Peloponnesian War defeated rival Athens. 396 Visigoths destroy. [Read more ...]

Spartacus. -71BC. Leader of slaves revolt against Rome 73BC. Defeated and killed by Crassus. Servile War. [Read more ...]

Spartacus League. 1914-19. Forerunner of German Communist Party. Leaders executed after 1919 uprising. [Read more ...]

Speenhamland System. 1795-1834. British welfare system to aid poor. [Read more ...]

Speer, Albert. 1905-81. Architect, Nazi war production organizer. [Read more ...]

Speke, John. 1827-64. British explorer. Discovered Lake Victoria. [Read more ...]

Spencer, Diana. 1961-97. Beloved Princess of Wales 1981-. 1992 Separated. 1996 Divorced. [Read more ...]

Spencer, Herbert. 1820-1903. English evolutionist philosopher. “Survival of the fittest.” Associationism. Anti-socialism, “Best government is the least government.” The Synthetic Philosophy 1860-96. Liberal Utilitarianism. [Read more ...]

Spener, Philipp. 1635-1705. German founder of Pietism. [Read more ...]

Spengler, Oswald. 1880-1936. German historian of cultural cycles: Decline of the West 1918-22. [Read more ...]

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