The Pocket Guide to World History

Spance, Basil. 1907-76. British architect. New Coventry Cathedral 1951. [Read more ...]

Spanish American War. 1898. US supports Cuban rebellion vs Spain. Gains Cuba, Guam, Philippines for $20M, Puerto Rico. Roosevelt. Maine. [Read more ...]

Spanish Armada. 1588. English support Dutch Revolt. Philip II sends 129 ships against England. Howard, Drake, Hawkins, with 197 ships, chase the armada from English Channel, thanks to a NW gale. Spain declines as naval power. Wars of Religion. [Read more ...]

Spanish Civil War. 1936-9. Germany and Italy aid Fascist Franco’s revolt against the Republic, which surrenders after 1M die. International Brigades. A cause of WWII. Guernica. [Read more ...]

Spanish Main. 16C. Buccaneer haven. North coast of South America. [Read more ...]

Spanish March. 801. Charlemagne in northeast Spain. [Read more ...]

Spanish Marriages, Affair of. 1846. Isabella’s sister, heir marries French prince, despite Spanish assurances, causing English/French rift. [Read more ...]

Spanish Netherlands. 1581-1714. = Belgium, Luxembourg. [Read more ...]

Spanish Revolt. 1868-9.Military overthrows Isabella. Prim y Prats. [Read more ...]

Spanish Riding School. 16C. Vienna. Lippizaner stallions. [Read more ...]

Spanish Sahara. 1884 Protectorate. 1958 Spanish province. 1976 Mauritania/Morocco. Western Sahara. [Read more ...]

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