The Pocket Guide to World History

Sirens. Greek sea nymphs, half bird, half woman. Song lured sailors onto rocks. [Read more ...]

Sirhan, Sirhan. 1944-. Arab/US killer of Robert Kennedy. [Read more ...]

Sisley, Alfred. 1839-99. English/French Impressionist painter. Meadows in Spring. [Read more ...]

Sistine Chapel. 1473. Vatican. Walls by Botticelli, Ghirlandaio; ceiling by Michelangelo 1508-12. Last Judgement 1534-41. [Read more ...]

Sisyphus. King of Corinth, condemned to perpetually roll a stone to the top of a hill. [Read more ...]

Sitter, Willem de. 1872-1934. Dutch radio astronomer. Expanding universe. [Read more ...]

Sitting Bull. c1831-90. Led Sioux at Little Bighorn. Surrendered 1881. [Read more ...]

Sitwell, Edith. 1887-1964. English poet. Still Falls the Rain. [Read more ...]

Siva. 4 armed 3 eyed Hindu god of destruction and restoration. [Read more ...]

Sivaji. c1627-80. Founded Maratha Kingdom 1674. [Read more ...]

Siward. -1055. Danish earl of Northumbria. Helped Edward the Confessor. Defeated Macbeth. [Read more ...]

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