The Pocket Guide to World History

Sinclair, Upton. 1878-1968. US novelist, Muckraker. Jungle 1906. [Read more ...]

Singapore. 13-14C Malay city. 1377 Javanese destroy. 1819 Raffles refounds. 1867 «Straits Settlements. 1942-45 Japanese occupy. 1946 British Crown Colony. 1963 Federation of Malaysia. 1965 Independent republic. [Read more ...]

Singer, Isaac. 1811-75. US sewing machine improver 1851. Howe. [Read more ...]

Singer, Isaac B. 1904-91. Polish/US Yiddish writer. Gimpel the Fool 1957. [Read more ...]

Sinn Fein. 1905. (=Ourselves Alone). Irish Nationalist movement. 1916 uprising. Founded Irish Free State. Legalized as political party in Northern Ireland, 1974. Political wing of IRA. De Valera. [Read more ...]

Sino-French War. 1883-85. France wins control of Vietnam. [Read more ...]

Sino-Japanese War. 1894-5. Over Korea. Shimonoseki Treaty. [Read more ...]

Sino-Japanese War. 1937-45. Japanese invade China. WWII. [Read more ...]

Sino-Soviet Treaty. 1945. Mutual defence vs Japanese agression. [Read more ...]

Sioux. Popular name for Dakota Confederation of American Indian tribes. Little Bighorn. Wounded Knee. [Read more ...]

Siqueiros, David. 1896-1974. Mexican socialist mural painter. Third World. March of Humanity. [Read more ...]

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