The Pocket Guide to World History

Schweitzer, Albert. 1875-1965. German medical missionary to Africa 1913-. [Read more ...]

Scientology. 1955-. Religious/scientific movement founded by Hubbard. [Read more ...]

Scipio. 3-1C BC Family of Roman leaders, generals. [Read more ...]

Scipio, Quintus. -46BC. Pompey’s Consul, defeated by Caesar. [Read more ...]

Scipio Africanus Major. 236-183BC. Roman general. Pushed Carthaginians from Spain. Defeated Hannibal at Zama 202. [Read more ...]

Scipio Africanus Minor. 185-129BC. Roman Consul, censor, general. Conquered, destroyed Carthage. [Read more ...]

Scipio Nasica Serapio. -132BC. Led mob that murdered Gracchus. [Read more ...]

Scopas. 4C BC. Sculptor at Mausoleum, Temple of Artemis. [Read more ...]

Scopes Trial. 1925. Scopes found guilty of teaching evolution in Tennessee high school. Bryan. Darrow. [Read more ...]

Scotism. Philosophy of Duns Scotus. [Read more ...]

Scotland. c4000BC Inhabited. c1800BC Beaker people. c300BC Celts (Picts). Caledonia. c500 AD Scots (Celts from Ireland) settle. 832 MacAlpin unifies. 945 + Cumbria + Strathclyde. c1016 + Lothian. 1328 Independence acknowledged by England. 1603 James VI becomes James I of England. 1707 Great Britain. 1801 United Kingdom. [Read more ...]

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