The Pocket Guide to World History

Schoolmen. Scholasticism. [Read more ...]

Schopenhauer, Arthur. 1788-1860. German pessimist Idealist philosopher. Will is superior to knowledge. World viewed as will and ideas. Every individual is a part of a Universal Will. [Read more ...]

Schrödinger, Erwin. 1887-1961. Austrian. Wave equation 1926. [Read more ...]

Schubert, Franz. 1797-1828. Austrian Romantic symphonic composer of lyrical beauty. Created German lieder. “The most poetic of musicians”-Liszt. A Minor Symphony 1822. Unfinished Symphony1822. [Read more ...]

Schuman, Robert. 1886-1963. French Prime Minister 1947-8. 1950 plan to pool European resources led to EEC. [Read more ...]

Schumann, Robert. 1810-56. German Romantic piano, choral composer. Lyrical works. Spring Symphony 1841. Rhenish Symphony 1850. [Read more ...]

Schurz, Carl. 1829-1906. German/US Mugwump leader. [Read more ...]

Schuschnigg, Kurt von. 1897-1977. Austrian Prime Minister 1934-38. Opposed German takeover. Imprisoned 1938-45. [Read more ...]

Schütz, Heinrich. 1585-1672. Founded German church music with Italian style. Wrote first German opera, Dafne 1627. [Read more ...]

Schwann, Theodor. 1810-82. German scientist. Isolated first enzyme from animal tissue 1836. [Read more ...]

Schwarzenberg, Karl, Fürst zu. 1771-1820. Austrian. Commanded with Napoleon in Russia. Later led Allies vs Napoleon. [Read more ...]

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