The Pocket Guide to World History

Barents, Willem. 1555-97. Dutch navigator, explorer for NE passage. [Read more ...]

Barlaam. Legendary monk who converted Indian King Josephat to Christianity. [Read more ...]

Barnabas, St. -61. Cyprus Christian. Founded church at Antioch. [Read more ...]

Barnard, Christian. 1922-2001. South African surgeon-first human heart transplant 1967. [Read more ...]

Barnburners. 1842-54. US radical anti-slavery Democrats vs Hunkers. [Read more ...]

Barnet, Battle. 1471. Yorkist victory in War of Roses. [Read more ...]

Barnum, P.T. 1810-91. US circus impressario. [Read more ...]

Baroja y Nessi, Pio. 1872-1956. Basque novelist. Terse style influenced Hemingway. Somber Lives 1900. Generation of ’98. [Read more ...]

Baron. 1066-. 5th (lowest) rank of British peerage. [Read more ...]

Baronius, Caesar. 1538-1607.Italian. RC historian. Annales Eccles 1586-93. [Read more ...]

Barons War. 1264-7. England. Led by Montfort vs Henry III’s spending. Evesham. Oxford Provisions. Ended by Marlborough Statute. [Read more ...]

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