The Pocket Guide to World History

Salten, Felix. 1869-1945. Austrian writer. Bambi 1923. [Read more ...]

Salvation Army. 1865. Booth Christian charitable organization. Named 1878. [Read more ...]

Salvi, Niccolò. 1697-1751. Italian sculptor. Trevi Fountain 1732. [Read more ...]

Salzburg Synod. 800. Confirmed December 25 date of nativity as observed since 690. [Read more ...]

Samanids. 819-999. Persian native dynasty. Flourishing of arts. [Read more ...]

Samaritans. Jewish sect. Claim descent from Jews not deported 722BC. A claim rejected by other Jews. Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. [Read more ...]

Samhitas. Collections of Vedic hymns and liturgy. [Read more ...]

Samnite Wars. 4-3C BC. 3 wars by which Rome conquered central, south Italy. [Read more ...]

Samoa. Melanesians. 1722 Dutch explore. 1830 British settle. 1856 German trade. 1899 Germany(W)/ USA(E) becomes Western Samoa, American Samoa. [Read more ...]

Samos. Greek island birthplace of Pythagoras. [Read more ...]

Samson. Old Testament Israelite judge, prophet. Lost sight and strength when Delilah cut off his hair. [Read more ...]

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