The Pocket Guide to World History

Barbary. 16-19C. Name given to North African coast. Berbers. [Read more ...]

Barbary Piracy. 1518-1830. G. Washington pays $1M to free enslaved seamen 1796. US attacks Tripoli 1815. French sieze Algiers, 1830. [Read more ...]

Barbès, Armand. 1809-70. French Republican. [Read more ...]

Barbey d’Aurevilly, Jules. 1808-89. French dandy, social critic.Diaboliques 1874. [Read more ...]

Barbizon. 19C French objective style of painting landscapes from nature; influenced Impressionists. Millet, Diaz. [Read more ...]

Barbuda. 1628 British Colony. 1680 Cordington family possession. 19C British Crown Colony. 1981 Independent Antigua and Barbuda. [Read more ...]

Barbusse, Henri. 1873-1935. French writer: Le Feu (The experiences of a common soldier) 1916. [Read more ...]

Barcarole. Venetian gondolier’s song with rocking rhythm. [Read more ...]

Bardeen, John. 1908-91. US developer of transistor 1948 with Shockley. . BCS superconductivity 1957. [Read more ...]

Bardo, Treaty. 1881. French occupy Tunisia. [Read more ...]

Barebones Parliament. 1653. Cromwell’s Nominated Puritan Parliament. Named for MP, Praise-God Barbon. [Read more ...]

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