The Pocket Guide to World History

Bao Dai. 1913-97. Vietnamese Emperor 1922-45. [Read more ...]

Baptism. Purification by water as practised by a wide variety of religions. [Read more ...]

Baptists. 1608-. Congregationalist Christian church. Baptism for believers only, (not infants). [Read more ...]

Bar, Confederation of. 1768-72. Polish RC nobles vs Russian hegemony. [Read more ...]

Bara, Joseph. 1779-93. French Republican child hero. [Read more ...]

Barabbas. Thief freed by crowd instead of Jesus. [Read more ...]

Barbados. Arawak. 1518 Portugal discovers. 1627 English settle. 1966 Independent. [Read more ...]

Barbara, St. c200. Maiden martyr at father’s hands, who was struck by lightning. Patron St. of artillerymen. [Read more ...]

Barbarians. Greek = foreigners. Roman term for Goths, Huns and Vandals who conquered Western Empire 3-6C. [Read more ...]

Barbarossa, Operation. 1941. German invasion of USSR. [Read more ...]

Barbarossa II. 1466-1546. Turkish pirate. Conquered Algiers 1518, Tunis 1534. [Read more ...]

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