The Pocket Guide to World History

Rickover, Hyman. 1900-86. US Admiral. “Father of nuclear submarine”. [Read more ...]

Ridley, Nicholas. c1500-55. English Protestant bishop. Supported Lady Jane Grey. Executed. [Read more ...]

Ridolfi, Roberto. 1531-1612. Italian Catholic plotter vs Elizabeth I 1571. Norfolk. [Read more ...]

Rieboeck, Jan van. 1619-77. Dutch founder of Cape Town. [Read more ...]

Riehl, Wilhelm. 1823-97. German writer/historian. [Read more ...]

Riel, Louis. 1844-85. Organized Métis rebellions in Red River 1869-70, Saskatchewan 1884-5. Hung. [Read more ...]

Riemann, Bernhard. 1826-66. German mathematician: non-Euclidean geometry. [Read more ...]

Rienzo, Cola di. 1313-54. Leader, briefly dictator of Rome. [Read more ...]

Riga, Treaties. 1920 Russia recognizes Latvian independence. 1921 Russia cedes land to Poland. [Read more ...]

Riggenbach, Nikolaus. Swiss engineer of cog railways. [Read more ...]

Right Opposition. 1928-29. Communists opponents of Stalin within Central Committee. [Read more ...]

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