The Pocket Guide to World History

Rennie John. 1761-1821. British architect of Waterloo Bridge, 1811. [Read more ...]

Renoir, Pierre A. 1841-1919. French Impressionist painter. Moulin de la Galette 1876. Bathers. [Read more ...]

Repartimiento. c1500-1820. Spanish-American colonists recruit Indians for forced labour. [Read more ...]

Representation of the People Acts. England. 1918 Women over 30 and men over 21 enfranchised. 1928 Women over 21. 1948 Plural voting abolished. 1969 Age of majority reduced to 18. Reform Bills. [Read more ...]

Republic. Government vesting power in representatives who govern for the good of the people. [Read more ...]

Republic, Council of the. 1917. Russian provisional government. Eliminated by Bolsheviks. [Read more ...]

Republic, Second Spanish. 1931-9. President Zamora, Azaña. Spanish Civil War. [Read more ...]

Republic French. 1792-1804 First. 1848-52 Second. Napoleon III. 1870-1940 Third. 1946-58. Fourth. 23 governments in 12 years. 1958-. Fifth. DeGaulle. [Read more ...]

Republican Party. 1792 Jefferson’s agrarian party. 1820 Whigs. 1854. Anti-slavery party. Lincoln. = Grand Old Party. vs Democratic Party. [Read more ...]

Republican People’s Party. Turkey 1923-50. Founded by Ataturk. [Read more ...]

Resistance. WWII underground paramilitary groups in German-occupied countries, notably France. Partisans. Maquis. [Read more ...]

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