The Pocket Guide to World History

Balthazar. (Belshazzar). -539BC. Babylonian co-regent. Daniel read writing on his wall 539BC. [Read more ...]

Baltic Entente. 1923-39. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania agreement for mutual defence vs Germany and Russia. [Read more ...]

Baltic States. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. [Read more ...]

Baltic Wars of Liberation. 1918-20. Established independent states of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. [Read more ...]

Baltimore Incident. 1891. Chileans attack US seamen; pay reparations to avert war. [Read more ...]

Balue, Jean. 1421-91. Cardinal, Minister of Louis XI. Plotted with Louis the Bold vs king. [Read more ...]

Balzac, Honoré de. 1799-1850. French novelist of social injustice: Comedie Humaine 1829-48. [Read more ...]

Balzac, Jean-Louis. 1597-1654. French writer. Lettres 1624. [Read more ...]

Bancroft, George. 1800-91. “Father of American history”. History of United States 1834-74. [Read more ...]

Banda, Hastings. c1902-97. Autocratic Malawi President 1963-. 1971- “President for Life”. [Read more ...]

Bandaranaike, Sirimavo. 1916-2000. Ceylon Prime Minister 1960~77. World’s first woman Prime Minister. [Read more ...]

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