The Pocket Guide to World History

Realism. 19C art movement concerned with recording everyday life. Courbet. [Read more ...]

Realism. General concepts have an existence independent of material things or names. Plato. St Anselm. [Read more ...]

Reason, Cult of. 1793-5. French Revolution atheist anti-Catholic movement. [Read more ...]

Rebecca. Biblical wife of Isaac, mother of Jacob. [Read more ...]

Rechabites. 10C BC Jewish ascetic pastoral sect. [Read more ...]

Reconquista. 11C-1492 Campaign of Christians to recapture Spain, Portugal from Moslems. 1118 Aragon. 1238 Valencia. 1492 Granada. [Read more ...]

Reconstruction. 1865-77. Post Civil War US. Military control of south. Civil Rights Act. Carpetbaggers. [Read more ...]

Recusants. 16-17C. Refused to attend Anglican church. [Read more ...]

Red Brigade. 1970-84. Italian left-wing terrorist group. Moro. [Read more ...]

Red Cross. c1863. Dunant founds International relief organization. Geneva Convention 1864. 1881 US. Solferino. [Read more ...]

Red Guards. 1966-69. Paramilitary student units during Chinese Cultural Revolution. [Read more ...]

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