The Pocket Guide to World History

Ramus, Petrus. 1515-72. French humanist, logician. Reforms of Aristotelian logic. [Read more ...]

Ramuz, Charles. 1878-1947. Swiss novelist: Terror on the Mountain 1925. Beauty on Earth 1927. Soldier’s Tale. [Read more ...]

Rand, Ayn. 1905-82. Russian/US Objectivist novelist. Fountainhead 1943. Atlas Shrugged 1957. [Read more ...]

Randolph, A. Philip. 1889-1979. US black civil rights/labor leader. March on Washington 1963. [Read more ...]

Randolph, Peyton. 1721-75. American Revolutionary, first president of Continental Congress 1774. [Read more ...]

Ranjit Singh. 1780-1839. Maharaja of Punjab. Founded Sikh kingdom in N India. [Read more ...]

Ranke, Leopold von. 1795-1886. German scientific histographer.-“Historical events must be described in their own terms”. [Read more ...]

Rankin, Jeanette. 1880-1973. First US Congresswoman. 1917-9, 1941-3. Only vote against declaring war on Japan. WWII. [Read more ...]

Ranters. 1649-60. English Puritan mystic sect. [Read more ...]

Rapallo Treaty. 1920. Italy,Yugoslavia establish free city of Rijeka, settle borders. 1922 Normalized relations of Germany, USSR. Cancelled war indemnities. [Read more ...]

Raphaël. 1483-1520. Italian High Renaissance classical painter, sculptor, architect. Vatican frescoes 1508-11. Madonnas 1505-7. Sistine Madonna 1513. Julius II. [Read more ...]

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