The Pocket Guide to World History

Ramakrishna. 1836-86. Indian mystic. Founded universal religion. [Read more ...]

Raman, C.V. 1888-1970. Indian physicist. Raman effect: wavelength shift of deflected light. [Read more ...]

Ramanuja. 1017-1137. Hindu leader of Vaishnava sect. [Read more ...]

Ramathibodi I. 1312-69. Unified Siam. Founded Ayutthaya dynasty 1350-1767. [Read more ...]

Ramayana. c300BC. Sanskrit epic poem. Life of Rama. [Read more ...]

Rambouillet, Marquise de. 1588-1665. First Paris literary salon. [Read more ...]

Rameau, Jean-Philippe. 1683-1764. Composer for harpsichord and operas based on classical themes. Castor and Pollux 1737. Pygmalion 1748. [Read more ...]

Ramillies, Battle. 1706. Churchill wins most of Belgium for Britain from France. [Read more ...]

Ramiro I. First King of Aragon 1035-63. Took lands from brother and Moors. [Read more ...]

Ramsay, William. 1852-1916. English chemist: discovered helium 1895; neon, krypton, xenon 1898. [Read more ...]

Ramses II. The Great. Pharaoh of Egypt 1304-1237BC. Built temples. Age of prosperity. [Read more ...]

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