The Pocket Guide to World History

Quezon, Manuel. 1878-1944. First Philippine president 1935-. [Read more ...]

Quiberon Bay, Battle. 1759. British defeat French navy preventing French invasion of Scotland. [Read more ...]

Quietism. 1696. Mystic religious movements. Passivity allows communication with God. Hinduism. Sufism. Molinos. Guyon. Fenelon. Soul in passive state is saved by divine spirit. [Read more ...]

Quiller-Couch (Q). 1863-1944. English editor of Oxford Book of English Verse 1900,39. [Read more ...]

Quimby, Phineas P. 1802-66. US mental healer by suggestion. Mary Baker Eddy was a patient. Father of New Thought movement. [Read more ...]

Quintilian. c35-96. Roman educationalist. Institutio Oratoria 95. Modern ideas of education. [Read more ...]

Quintuple Treaty. 1839. Britain, France, Prussia, Austria, Russia guaranteed Belgian integrity. London Treaty. [Read more ...]

Quirinus. Roman god of war. Romulus deified. [Read more ...]

Quisling, Vidkun. 1887-1945. Traitor, head of Norwegian puppet government during German occupation, 1940-5. WWII. Executed. [Read more ...]

Qur’an. Koran. [Read more ...]

Ra (Re). Egyptian sun god. [Read more ...]

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