The Pocket Guide to World History

Balakirev, Mili. 1837-1910. Russian composer. Influenced 19C Russian music. Overture on Russian Themes 1897. [Read more ...]

Balaklava, Battle. 1854. Crimean War. Indecisive British victory at high cost. Charge of Light Brigade. [Read more ...]

Balboa, Vasco de. 1475-1519. Spanish. Crossed Panama to Pacific 1513. Beheaded. [Read more ...]

Balder. Scandinavian god of peace, felled by Hoder’s mistletoe arrow. [Read more ...]

Baldwin, James. 1924-87. US writer of black experience. Another Country 1962. Go Tell it on the Mountain 1953. [Read more ...]

Baldwin, Stanley. 1867-1947. British Conservative Prime Minister. 1923~37. General Strike. Opposed rearmament. “Safety First”. [Read more ...]

Balearic Is. 654BC Phoenicia. 123BC Rome. 426 Vandal. 798 Moor. 1229 Independent Christian. 1349 Aragon. 1713 Brit (Minorca). 1802 Spain. [Read more ...]

Balewa, Abubakar. 1912-66. First Nigerian Prime Minister 1957-. Assassinated by Ibos. [Read more ...]

Balfour, Arthur. 1848-1930. British Prime Minister 1902-5. Opposed Irish Home Rule. Balfour Declaration. [Read more ...]

Balfour Declaration. 1917. British support Jewish homeland in Palestine. Endorsed 1919 by Allies. Zionism. [Read more ...]

Bali. c1000 Java. 1596 Dutch discover. 1906 Netherlands. WWII Japan occupies. 1950 Indonesia. [Read more ...]

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