The Pocket Guide to World History

Pope, Alexander. 1688-1744. English satirist, poet and philosopher: On Criticism 1711. Rape of the Lock 1712-4. Essay on Man 1732-4. [Read more ...]

Popish Plot. 1678. Oates’ fictitious allegations of conspiracy led to persecution of Catholics. [Read more ...]

Popol Vuh. 16C manuscript on Mayan culture. [Read more ...]

Popov, Aleksandr. 1859-1905. Russian physicist: radio antenna. [Read more ...]

Poppaea Sabina. -65. Second wife, kicked to death by Nero. [Read more ...]

Popper, Karl. 1902-94. Austrian/British philosopher. Objective knowledge. All knowledge grows from conjecture and refutation. Social advance made one step at a time. [Read more ...]

Popular Fronts. 1930s. Political coalitions of opposing parties vs Fascists in France, Spain. [Read more ...]

Popular Sovereignty. 1850s. US territories could join Union as free or slave states. Bleeding Kansas. [Read more ...]

Populism. 1870-1902. Russian socialist revolutionaries. Narodniki. [Read more ...]

Populist Movement. 1890s. US agrarian reform coalition. [Read more ...]

Porphyry. c233-305. Greek Neoplatonic philosopher. Adversus Christianos burned. Tree of Porphyry. [Read more ...]

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