The Pocket Guide to World History

Patton, George. 1885-1945. US general. Tank warfare. [Read more ...]

Paul, St. c10-67. Apostle, organizer of Christian religion. Travelled extensively. Pharisee, rabbi, tentmaker converted by vision, 37. Epistles. Martyred by Nero. [Read more ...]

Paul I. 1754-1801. Russian Emperor. Reversed reforms, isolated Russia. Assassinated. [Read more ...]

Paul I. 1901-64. Greek king 1947-. Resisted Communism. [Read more ...]

Paul III. 1468-1549. Pope 1534-. Sanctioned Jesuits. [Read more ...]

Paul IV. Pope 1555-9. Curtailed corruption. Roman Inquisition. Created Jewish ghetto in Rome 1555. [Read more ...]

Paul VI. 1897-1978. Pope 1963-. Encyclical on birth control. [Read more ...]

Paul of Aegina. c625-90. Alexandrian physician. Compiled medical knowledge to date. 7 vol Epitome. [Read more ...]

Pauli, Wolfgang. 1900-58. Austrian/US physicist. Exclusion Principle 1925. Neutrinos 1931. [Read more ...]

Paulicians. 7-11C. Heretical Gnostic dualistic Christian sect. [Read more ...]

Pauling, Linus. 1901-94. US biochemist/peace advocate. Chemical bonding. [Read more ...]

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