The Pocket Guide to World History

Patel, Vallabhbhai. 1875-1950. Indian nationalist with Gandhi. [Read more ...]

Pater, Walter. 1839-94. English critic devoted to ideal. Studies in History of Renaissance. Marcus the Epicurean. [Read more ...]

Paterson, William. 1658-1719. Scottish. Founded Bank of England 1694. Darien Scheme. [Read more ...]

Pathé, Charles. 1863-1957. French film maker. First Newsreels 1909. Les Misérables 1909. Perils of Pauline 1914. [Read more ...]

Pathet Lao. 1950-91. Laotian communists vs French rule in Indochina. [Read more ...]

Paton, Alan. 1903-88. South African writer. Cry the Beloved Country 1948. [Read more ...]

Patriarch. Christian bishops with jurisdiction over other bishops. 325 Rome. 692 Antioch. Alexandria, Constantinople, Jerusalem. 1598 Moscow. [Read more ...]

Patricians. -287BC. Roman upper class. Plebeians. Nobiles. [Read more ...]

Patrick, St. c389-461. Patron saint of Ireland. Introduced monasticism. Converted Irish. Said to have invented Irish Whiskey 450. [Read more ...]

Patriotic Front. 1973-9. Guerillas for black power in Rhodesia. Mugabe. Nkomo. [Read more ...]

Päts, Konstantin. 1874-1956. Estonian Prime Minister 1921-3,32-3. Dictator 1933-40. [Read more ...]

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