The Pocket Guide to World History

Osiris. Vegetation god who introduced civilization to Egypt. God of underworld. [Read more ...]

Osler, William. 1849-1919. Canadian/British physician. Blood platelets 1873. Principles and Practice of Medicine 1892. [Read more ...]

Osman I. 1258-1326. Turkish founder of Ottoman Empire 1299. Conquered Byzantium. [Read more ...]

OSS. Office of Strategic Services. 1942-45. Precursor to CIA. [Read more ...]

Ossianic Ballads. 11-18C Irish based on 3C themes of Finn MacCool. Oisin. [Read more ...]

Ostracism. Athenian 10 year exile for disrupting stability. [Read more ...]

Ostrogoths. Germanic peoples. 3C Ukraine kingdom. 406 kingdom in Italy. 370 conquered by Huns. 493 conquered Italy. 555 dispersed by Justinian. Goths. [Read more ...]

Oswald. St. -641. King 633-, reunited Northumbria. [Read more ...]

Oswald, Lee Harvey. 1939-1963. Kennedy assassin; killed by Ruby. [Read more ...]

Oswy. -670. King of Bernicia 641-, Northumbria 655-. United most of S. England. [Read more ...]

Otakar II. -1278. King of Bohemia 1252-. Killed at Dürnkrut opposing HRE Rudolf I. [Read more ...]

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