The Pocket Guide to World History

Oleg. -c912. Varangian prince of Kiev, founded Rus state. [Read more ...]

Olier, Jean-Jacques. 1608-57. French priest: founded company of St-Sulpice. [Read more ...]

Oliva, Peace. 1660. Ended First Northern War. [Read more ...]

Olivares, Conde de. 1587-1645. Spanish Prime Minister 1625-43. Policies of warfare, tax caused revolt. [Read more ...]

Olive Branch Petition. 1775. Moderate Americans attempt to avoid war. Ignored by George III. [Read more ...]

Olmecs. c1150-800BC. Mexican Gulf coast civilization. [Read more ...]

Olmütz, Treaty. 1850. Restored German Confederation under Austria. [Read more ...]

Olympia. Home of ancient Greek games. 776BC-393 AD. [Read more ...]

Olympiad. Greek measure of time = 4 years. [Read more ...]

Olympians. 12 Greek gods residing on Mt. Olympus. [Read more ...]

Olympias. c175-316BC. Wife of Philip of Macedonia. Mother of Alexander the Great. [Read more ...]

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