The Pocket Guide to World History

Obregón, Alvaro. 1880-1928. Reforming Mexican President 1920-24. Peace after civil war. [Read more ...]

O’Brien, William. 1803-64. Irish revolutionary. 1848 Insurrection. Led Young Ireland. Banished. [Read more ...]

Observatory, Paris. 1667-72. Claude Perrault. Dimensions of the solar system 1672, meridians of longitude. Sets Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). [Read more ...]

OCAS. Organization of Central American States. 1951-. For regional and economic unity. CACM. [Read more ...]

O’Casey, Sean. 1880-1964. Irish Realist playwright: Juno and the Paycock 1924. Plow and the Stars 1926. [Read more ...]

Occam, William. c1280-1349. English Franciscan Nominalist philosopher. “Science is about things, philosophy about terms and concepts”. Occam’s razor: “It is vain to do with more, what can be done with fewer” (Science or Logic). Incompatibility of knowledge and faith, 1332. Opposed Aquinas Aristotelian realism. “Universal ideas exist only in the mind”. Influenced Reformation. [Read more ...]

Occasionalism. Will is free. God arranges that what man wills, happens. Determinism. Free Will. [Read more ...]

Occitan. Langue d’Oc. Romance language of southern France. Dialects include Provençale, the language of the troubadours. Oil. [Read more ...]

Occultism. Belief in supernatural. Astrology, alchemy, spiritualism, theosophy. [Read more ...]

Ochs, Adolph. 1858-1935. US journalist vs Yellow (sensationalist) Journalism. NY Times. [Read more ...]

Ockeghem, Johannes. c1430-96. Innovative Franco-Flemish polyphonist composer. Masses, motets. [Read more ...]

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