The Pocket Guide to World History

Oakley, Annie. 1860-1926. US marksperson. [Read more ...]

OAS. Organisation de l’Armée Secrète. 1961-9. Right-wing terrorist anti-Gaullist group founded by Salan. Failed revolt in Algeria 1961. [Read more ...]

OAS. Organization of American States. 1948. Western Hemisphere organization for peace, security, and economic cooperation. Cuba expelled 1962. [Read more ...]

Oates, Titus. 1649-1705. English Anglican priest. Invented Popish Plot. 35 Catholics executed. [Read more ...]

OAU. Organization of African Unity. 1963. Formed to improve living standards and eliminate colonialism. [Read more ...]

Obed. Biblical son of Ruth and Boaz. Grandfather of David. [Read more ...]

Obelisk. 3300 year old Luxor gift of Muhammad Ali to Charles X, 1829. Place de la Concorde, Paris. [Read more ...]

Oberammergau. 1634- Passion play every ten years commemorates plague of 1633. [Read more ...]

Oberon. King of the Fairies, from Huon de Bordeaux poem. [Read more ...]

Objectivism. 20C philosophy of Ayn Rand. Egoism. One should act in self-interest. Altruism is a weakness. [Read more ...]

Obote, Milton. 1925-. Ugandan Prime Minister/Pres 1962-71. Overthrown by Amin. Pres 1980-. [Read more ...]

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