The Pocket Guide to World History

North Sea Oil. 1975. First pumped. [Read more ...]

North West Company. 1783-1821. Rival of Hudson’s Bay Co. Merged. [Read more ...]

Northampton, Battle. 1460. War of the Roses. York victory earns right to succeed Henry VI. [Read more ...]

Northcliffe, Viscount. 1865-1922. English publisher. Daily Mail 1896. Daily Mirror 1903. Times 1906. [Read more ...]

Northern Expedition. 1926-8. Kuomintang unify China, purge Communists. [Read more ...]

Northern Ireland. Ireland. 17C Protestants settle. 1801 United Kingdom. 1920 Ireland divided. 1922 Civil War. 1922 Direct rule. IRA. [Read more ...]

Northern War, First. 1655-60. Sweden vs Poland and allies. Sweden wins Danish territory. Poland renounces claim to Swedish throne. [Read more ...]

Northern War, Great. 1700-21. Sweden vs Russia and allies. Ends Sweden’s power, begins Russia’s. [Read more ...]

Northumbria. Anglo-Saxon kingdom. c605 Bernicia + Deira = Northumbria. 9C Danish. 944 +England. [Read more ...]

Northwest Passage. Attempts 1497- to find a sea route around Canada to Asia. Amundsen succeeded 1903-6. McClure 1853. [Read more ...]

Northwest Rebellion. 1885. Saskachewan natives and Métis for land rights. Defeated. Riél. [Read more ...]

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