The Pocket Guide to World History

Nimitz, Chester. 1885-1966. US Admiral of Pacific Fleet, WWII. Received Japanese surrender on Missouri. [Read more ...]

Nin, Anaïs. 1903-77. US writer. Under a Glass Bell 1944. [Read more ...]

Nineteen Propositions. 1642. Parliament’s demands, rejected by Charles I. Civil War. [Read more ...]

Ninety-five Theses. 1517. Document Luther nailed to Wittenburg church door. Began Reformation. [Read more ...]

Nineveh. c6500BC. Capital of Assyrian Empire 700-612BC. [Read more ...]

Nirvana. Hindu and Buddhist final state of freedom. [Read more ...]

Nisei. 2nd generation Japanese in US. [Read more ...]

Nivelle, Jean. 1422-77. Son of John II who refused to march against Burgundy. [Read more ...]

Nixon, Richard. 1913-94. US president 1969-74. Hiss investigation. Checkers. China relations. Vietnam cease-fire. Watergate. Pardoned. [Read more ...]

Njörd. Norse sea god. [Read more ...]

Nkomo, Joshua. 1917-99. Zimbabwe nationalist. Founded ZAPU. [Read more ...]

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