The Pocket Guide to World History

Niger. Tuareg. 7C Songhai Empire(W). 10C Berber(E). 16C Bornu Empire(SE). 17C Djerma/ Tuareg. 18C Sokoto kingdom. c1900 «French West Africa 1960 Independent. [Read more ...]

Nigeria. c5C BC Nok. c12C Yoruba(SW). 13C Hausa(N)/Kanem-Bornu/Ibo(E). 15C Portugal reach. Slave source. 1851 British colony. 1884 British protectorate. 1960 Independent. 1963 Republic. 1993-98 Abacha military dictatorship. Biafra. [Read more ...]

Night of the Long Knives. 1934. Hitler’s SS murder 77+ Nazi opponents and others. [Read more ...]

Nightingale, Florence. 1820-1910. English pioneer of nursing in Crimean War. “The lady with the lamp.” [Read more ...]

Nihilistm. 19C Russian philosophy of skepticism associated with disheveled revolutionaries. Utilitarianism and rationalism. [Read more ...]

Nijinsky, Vaslaw. 1890-1950. Russian ballet dancer of Diaghilev Company. [Read more ...]

Nijmegen, Treaties. 1678-9. Ended Dutch Wars. [Read more ...]

Nika Riot. 532. Constantinople. Revolt vs Emperor Justinian. 30,000 executed. [Read more ...]

Nike. Greek winged goddess of victory. [Read more ...]

Nikolsburg, Treaty. 1621. Austria regained Hungarian crown, Transylvania enlarged. [Read more ...]

Nile, Battle. 1798. Aboukir. [Read more ...]

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