The Pocket Guide to World History

Nicholas of Cusa. 1401-64. German. Proposed heliocentricity, calendar reform 1429. De Docta Ignorantia 1440. “A learned man is one who is aware of his own ignorance.” [Read more ...]

Nicholas of Flue, St. 1417-87. Model of compromise, reunited Swiss, 1481. [Read more ...]

Nicias. -413BC. Athenian commander. Syracuse siege. [Read more ...]

Nicias, Peace. 421BC. Pause in Peloponnesian War. [Read more ...]

Nicodemus. Jewish elder. Helped bury Jesus. [Read more ...]

Nicopolis, Battle. 1396. Turks crushed Crusaders. Ended European opposition to Ottoman expansion into Balkans. [Read more ...]

Nicot, Jean. 1530-1600. French diplomat who first imported tobacco 1550. [Read more ...]

Niemeyer, Oscar. 1907-. Brazilian architect: Brasilia. [Read more ...]

Niemöller, Martin. 1892-1984. German theologian. Opposed Nazis. [Read more ...]

Niepce, Nicéphore. 1765-1833. French. First permanent photographic image 1826. [Read more ...]

Nietzche, Friedrich. 1844-1900. German philosopher. Superman doctrine. Survival of fittest. Thus Spake Zarathustra 1883-92. Will to Power influenced Fascists. [Read more ...]

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