The Pocket Guide to World History

Nicaea, Council. 325. Debate of Athanasius and Arius resolved Nicene Creed, not Easter dates. 787. Temporarily resolved Iconoclasm. [Read more ...]

Nicaea, Empire. 1204-61. Byzantine state reconquered Latin Empire to restore Byzantine Empire. [Read more ...]

Nicaragua. 1502 Columbus discovers. 1523 Spanish settle. 1821 Mexican Empire. 1826 CAF. 1839 Independent. Sandinistas. [Read more ...]

Nicene Creed. 325. Tenets of Christian faith. Interpretation of Trinity, adding filioque led to East-West Schism. Nicaea. [Read more ...]

Nicephorus I. -811. Byzantine Emperor 802-. Agreement with Charlemagne led to Empire of the West. [Read more ...]

Nicephorus II Phocas. 912-69. Byzantine Emperor 963-. Resurgence of Byzantine power. [Read more ...]

Nicholas, St. 4C. Patron Saint of children, sailors, Russia. [Read more ...]

Nicholas I. 1796-1855. Czar 1825-. Autocratic. Russification of Finland, Poland, Ukraine, Baltic. Established Third Section. Policy of autocracy, orthodoxy, Nationalism. [Read more ...]

Nicholas I. 1841-1921. Prince/King of Montenegro 1860-. Opposed union with Serbia. Deposed 1918. [Read more ...]

Nicholas II. 1868-1918. Last Russian Czar 1894-. Russo-Japanese War 1904. 1905 Revolution. Duma. Shot during 1917 revolution. [Read more ...]

Nicholas V. 1397-1455. Pope 1447-. Founded Vatican library. [Read more ...]

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