The Pocket Guide to World History

Auer, Carl. 1858-1929. Austrian chemist. Incandescent gas lamp 1898. [Read more ...]

Augeas. Elidian king, Hercules cleaned his stables. [Read more ...]

Augereau, Pierre. 1757-1816. Marshal under the Napoleonic Empire. [Read more ...]

Augsburg, Peace. 1555. Allowed both Lutheranism and Catholicism within Holy Roman Empire. [Read more ...]

Augsburg Confession. 1530. Doctrine of faith of Lutheran Church. Consubstantiation. Predestination. Diet of Augsburg. Melanchthon. [Read more ...]

Augsburg League. 1686-9. Holy Roman Empire and allies vs France. Replaced by Grand Alliance. [Read more ...]

Augur. -391. Roman interpreter of omens. [Read more ...]

Augustine, St. 354-430. Author of Confessions, City of God. Bishop of Hippo. “God is omnipotent.” Introduced Neoplatonic Determinism to Christianity. Church should rule state. [Read more ...]

Augustine of Canterbury, St. -c605. Apostle of England 597. First Archbishop of Canterbury 601. Converted King Ethelbert of Kent. [Read more ...]

Augustinians. RC religious orders following Rule of St. Augustine. [Read more ...]

Augustus. Octavian. 63BC-14 AD. 2nd Triumvirate. First Roman Emperor. Pax Romana-Peaceful reign: Virgil, Horace. [Read more ...]

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