The Pocket Guide to World History

Muscadins. French Royalist youth movement after the Commune. [Read more ...]

Muscovy Company. 1555-1698. English company with monopoly on Russian trade. First joint-stock. [Read more ...]

Muses. Nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne that preside over the areas of knowledge: Calliope-epics, Clio-history, Erato-love poems, Thalia-comedy, Melpomene- tragedy, Terpsichore-dance, Euterpe-music, Polyhymnia-sacred poems, Urania-astronomy. [Read more ...]

Muslim. =Moslem. Islam. [Read more ...]

Muslim Civil War. 656-61 Sunni Muawiya defeats Shi’ite Ali for leadership starting Umayyad dynasty. 683-92 Umayyad put down Syrian rebellion. 809-13 Iraq vs Iran. 1008-31 Moslem Spanish gain autonomy from Umayyad. [Read more ...]

Murphy, Gerald and Sara. 1920-33 US expatriates in Paris, Antibes. Parties, salons for artists and writers. Models for Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night. [Read more ...]

Muslim League. 1906-71. Indian movement. 1940 Demanded Moslem state. Pakistan 1947. [Read more ...]

Musset, Alfred. 1810-57. French poet. Sand lover. Confession. [Read more ...]

Mussolini, Benito. Il Duce. 1883-1945. Italian Fascist dictator 1922-. Seized Abyssinia 1935. Allied with Germany WWII. Shot. [Read more ...]

Mussorgsky, Modest. 1839-81. Russian Nationalist composer. Boris Gudunov 1874. Pictures at an Exhibition 1874. [Read more ...]

Mutanabbi, al-. 915-65. Arab panegyric poet. Divan. [Read more ...]

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