The Pocket Guide to World History

Murad I. 1326-89. Ottoman sultan 1360-. Extended empire. Founded Janissaries. [Read more ...]

Murasaki Shikibu. c978-1014. Japanese court lady, writer. Tales of the Genji 1001-5. [Read more ...]

Murat, Joachim. 1767-1815. French marshal. Led Napoleon’s coup. King of Naples 1808-. [Read more ...]

Murdoch, Iris. 1919-99. British philosophical novelist. Under the Net 1954. [Read more ...]

Muret, Battle. 1213. French nobles defeat Albigenses. Spanish influence ends in S France. Montfort. [Read more ...]

Murillo, Bartolomé. 1617-82. Spanish artist. Immaculate Conception 1652. Vision of St Antony 1656. Founded Seville Academy 1600. [Read more ...]

Muromachi Period. 1338-1573. Japanese Ashikaga shoguns. Prosperity, foreign trade, Zen Buddhism. [Read more ...]

Murray, James. 1722-94. First British governor of Quebec. Supported French residents. Recalled. [Read more ...]

Murray, James. 1837-1915. Scottish/English editor of Oxford English Dictionary 1879-. [Read more ...]

Mursa, Battle. 351. Roman civil wars. Rebel Magnentius defeated by Constantius II. 54,000 dead. [Read more ...]

Murten, Battle. =Morat Battle. [Read more ...]

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