The Pocket Guide to World History

Marshall Plan. 1948-52. European Recovery Program. US supplied $12B goods, loans, grants. Rejected by COMECON as ’dollar imperialism’. [Read more ...]

Marsilius of Padua. c1282-1343. Italian political philosopher. -“political power comes from the people”. [Read more ...]

Marston Moor, Battle. 1644. English Civil War turning point. Cromwell defeats Rupert. [Read more ...]

Marsyas. Mythical Phrygian artist. Challenged Apollo to musical contest. [Read more ...]

Martel, Charles. Charles Martel. [Read more ...]

Martel, Édouard. 1859-1938. Creator of speleology. [Read more ...]

Martello Towers. 1804. Swiss designed defensive towers on English coast against Napoleon. [Read more ...]

Martha. Sister of Mary and Lazarus. Symbol of active life. [Read more ...]

Martí, José. 1853-95. Led Cuban war vs Spain. [Read more ...]

Martial, Marcus. c40-103. Roman epigrammatic poet. [Read more ...]

Martin, St. c316-97. Bishop of Tours. Introduced monasticism to France. French patron saint. [Read more ...]

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