The Pocket Guide to World History

Marquette, Jacques. 1637-75. French explorer of Mississippi, 1673. Joliet. [Read more ...]

Married Women’s Property Act. 1882. UK. Abolished women’s property passing automatically to husband on marriage. [Read more ...]

Marryat, Frederick. 1792-1848. English adventure writer of energetic seafaring stories. Midshipman Easy 1836. [Read more ...]

Mars. Roman god of war. = Greek Ares. [Read more ...]

Marseillaise. French national anthem, by Rouget de Lisle, 1792. Named for volunteer militia who adopted song on march to Paris. [Read more ...]

Marseilles. c600BC Greek colony. 49BC Rome. [Read more ...]

Marshal. Highest military rank in Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China. [Read more ...]

Marshall, George. 1880-1959. US general. Marshall Plan. [Read more ...]

Marshall, James. 1810-85. Discovered gold 1848. California Gold Rush 1849. [Read more ...]

Marshall, John. 1755-1835. US Chief Justice. Marbury-Madison. [Read more ...]

Marshall, Thurgood. 1908-93. First black on US Supreme Court 1967-92. [Read more ...]

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