The Pocket Guide to World History

Markiewicz, Countess. 1876-1927. Irish Nationalist. First woman elected to British Parliament, 1918. [Read more ...]

Mark’s, St. 902-1484. Venice church and campanile. [Read more ...]

Marlborough, John Churchill, Duke of. 1650-1722. English general vs Louis XIV in War of Spanish Succession. Blenheim. Malplaquet. Ramillies. [Read more ...]

Marlborough Statute. Westminster, Provisions of. [Read more ...]

Marlowe, Christopher. 1564-93. English dramatist: Tamerlane 1586. Dr. Faustus 1588-92. Edward II. May have written some of Shakespeare. [Read more ...]

Marmont, Auguste. 1774-1852. French Marshal. Surrendered Paris 1814 causing Napoleon to abdicate. [Read more ...]

Marmousets. Advisers to French Charles V and VI. [Read more ...]

Marne, Battle. 1914. Paris defence vs Germans. Joffre. 1918 Allied victory is turning point in WWI. Foch. [Read more ...]

Maronite. Syrian Roman Catholic Church. 7C Settled Lebanon. 1182- Under Vatican. 1860 Druze massacre Maronites. 1920 Lebanon. Phalangists. [Read more ...]

Marprelate Tracts. 1588-9. Anonymous seditious Puritan pamphlets for which Penry was executed. [Read more ...]

Marquess. (Marquis). Second rank of British peerage. [Read more ...]

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