The Pocket Guide to World History

Maria Theresa. 1717-80. Hapsburg Empress of Austria-Hungary 1740-. War of Austrian Succession. [Read more ...]

Mariamne. 57-29BC. Herod Antipas’ wife. Executed for adultery on Salome’s accusation. [Read more ...]

Marie Antoinette. 1755-93. Daughter of Emperor Francis I and Maria Theresa, Queen Consort to Louis XVI. Guillotined for seeking US aid vs French Revolution. -“Let them eat cake”. [Read more ...]

Marie de Medici. 1573-1642. Queen consort to Henry IV, mother of Louis XIII. Regent 1610-14. Built Luxembourg Palace. Opposed Richelieu. Banished 1630. Died penniless. [Read more ...]

Marie Louise. 1791-1847. Daughter of Francis II. Married Napoleon...Empress of France 1810-15. [Read more ...]

Marie Thérèse. 1638-83. Queen Consort to Louis XIV. Daughter of Philip IV. Unpaid dowry caused War of Devolution. [Read more ...]

Marignano, Battle. 1515. French defeat Swiss mercenaries, conquer Milan. [Read more ...]

Marinetti, Fillippo. 1876-1944. Italian Fascist author. Founded Futurism 1909. [Read more ...]

Mariotte, Edme. 1620-84. French physicist. Law of compressibility of gases 1676, =Boyle’s Law. [Read more ...]

Maritsa River, Battle. 1371. Ottomans defeat Serbs. Turkey expands in Balkans. [Read more ...]

Mark, St. Apostle. 2nd Gospel author. [Read more ...]

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