The Pocket Guide to World History

Marcuse, Herbert. 1898-1979. German/US radical philosopher. Revolutionary change vs repressive society. One Dimensional Man 1964. [Read more ...]

Marduk. Babylonian Lord of gods. [Read more ...]

Marengo, Battle. 1800. Napoleon defeats Austria, gains Lombardy. [Read more ...]

Mareth Line. 1943. Rommel’s defensive line in Tunisia. [Read more ...]

Margaret. 1353-1412. Queen of Denmark, Norway, Sweden. Formed Kalmar Union 1397. [Read more ...]

Margaret. Maid of Norway. 1283-90. Queen of Scotland 1286-. Betrothed to son of Edward I. Death led to England claiming Scotland, Civil War 1290-1314. Robert the Bruce. [Read more ...]

Margaret of Anjou. 1430-82. Q consort to Henry VI. Led Lancastrians in War of Roses. [Read more ...]

Margaret of France. 1553-1615. Marriage to Henry IV anulled due to promiscuity. Mémoires. [Read more ...]

Marggraf, Andreas. 1709-82. German. Sugar in beets, 1747. [Read more ...]

María Cristina II. 1858-1929. Spanish queen consort. As regent, 1885-1902, lost Spanish American War. [Read more ...]

Maria Luisa. 1751-1819. Spanish queen to Charles IV. With lover Godoy, ruined Spain’s finances. [Read more ...]

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