The Pocket Guide to World History

Maida, Battle. 1806. British defeat French in Calabria. [Read more ...]

Mailer, Norman. 1923-. US writer. Naked and the Dead 1948. Executioner’s Song 1979. Harlot’s Ghost 1991. [Read more ...]

Maillol, Aristide. 1861-1944. French sculptor of massive female nudes. La Mediterranée 1905. [Read more ...]

Maimonides, Moses of Cordova. 1135-1204. Jewish philosopher. Mishneh Torah 1168. Guide for the Perplexed 1180. [Read more ...]

Maine. 1898. US battleship destroyed at Havana. Excuse for Spanish American War. [Read more ...]

Maintenon, Françoise de. 1635-1719. Mistress, then secret wife of Louis XIV. Founded St-Cyr. [Read more ...]

Maipú, Battle. 1818. Spanish loss. Chile Independent. [Read more ...]

Maistre, Joseph de. 1753-1821. French moralist for Christianity, Absolutism vs progress. Spanish Inquisition 1837. [Read more ...]

Majapahit Empire. 413-15C. Hindu kingdom in Java. [Read more ...]

Majorca. Balearics. [Read more ...]

Majorian. -461. W Roman Emperor 457-. Tax reform. Murdered. [Read more ...]

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