The Pocket Guide to World History

Leyte Gulf, Battle. Philippine Sea Battle. [Read more ...]

Lhato Nyan-tsen. First king of Tibet. [Read more ...]

L’Hôpital, Michel de. 1505-73. French statesman, urged tolerance during the Wars of Religion. [Read more ...]

Li Po. 701-62. Chinese free spirited, playful, fantasy poet. Drowned, drunk, reaching for moon’s reflection. [Read more ...]

Li Tzu-ch’eng. 1605-45. Chinese rebel. Overthrew Ming dynasty 1644. Defeated by Manchu. [Read more ...]

Li Yüan. 566-635. First Tang Emperor of China 618-27. Led revolt 617, aided by Turks. [Read more ...]

Libby, Willard. 1908-80. US chemist. Carbon 14 dating 1947. [Read more ...]

Liber. Roman god of wine, fertility...Bacchus. = Dionysus. [Read more ...]

Liberal Party. 1832. British Social reform, free trade, Irish Home Rule. 1867 Canada. 1944 Australia. [Read more ...]

Liberalism. 19C. Movement for freedom of the individual, democracy. Bentham. Mill. Spencer. 20C. Movement to free individuals from economic restraint by social welfare programs. [Read more ...]

Liberalism, Economic. 19C. Striving for personal profits and liberty. Manchester School. Cobden. [Read more ...]

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