The Pocket Guide to World History

Lagos, Battle. 1759. British navy stops French invasion of England. [Read more ...]

Lagrange, Louis. 1736-1813. French mathematician. Analysis of mechanical systems. Celestial mechanics. [Read more ...]

LaHire. 1390-1443. French commander with Joan of Arc. [Read more ...]

Laing, R.D. 1927-89. British Existential psychologist. Madness as form of self-expression. [Read more ...]

Laissez-Faire. Motto of 19C liberals calling for free markets and trade. Smith. “Laissez-faire, laissez-passer, laissez-aller”-Legendre 1680. [Read more ...]

Lake Poets. 19C. Wordsworth, Coleridge, Southey of English Lake District. [Read more ...]

Lamaism. 1577-. Buddhist state religion of Tibet. [Read more ...]

Lamarck, Jean de. 1744-1829. French evolutionary biologist. Classified vertebrates 1809. Transformism 1809. Lysenko. [Read more ...]

Lamartine, Alphonse de. 1790-1869. French Romantic poet. Méditations Poétiques 1820. [Read more ...]

Lamb, Charles. 1775-1834. English poet and essayist. Essays of Elia 1820-33. [Read more ...]

Lame Duck. Non-reelected office holder in office awaiting successor. [Read more ...]

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