The Pocket Guide to World History

Kano School. 15-17C. Family. 7 generations of influential Japanese painters. Moral symbolism. [Read more ...]

Kansas. Kansa, Osage, Pawnee, Wichita. 1541 Coronado explores. 1803 US acquires in Louisiana Purchase. 1861 34th state. [Read more ...]

Kant, Immanuel. 1724-1804. German Romantic philosopher. Free-will. Inherent moral nature implies “Transcendental” world of freedom. Although the mind builds internal maps of sensory perceptions, we do not know what the world is really like. -“moral imperative = human diginity”. On Heaven 1755. Critique of Pure Reason 1781. Critique of Practical Reason 1788. Critique of Judgement. [Read more ...]

Kao Kang. 1902-55. Chinese Communist leader. Purged 1954. Suicide. [Read more ...]

Kao Tsu. 256-195BC. Chinese Emperor 202-. Established Han dynasty. [Read more ...]

Kapodistrias, Count. 1776-1831. Autocratic Greek president,1828-. Assassinated. [Read more ...]

Kapp Putsch. 1920. Failed German revolt vs Weimar Republic. [Read more ...]

Kappel, Wars. 1529,31. Swiss Reformation. Zwingli killed. Swiss cantons allowed to chose faiths. [Read more ...]

Karadzic, Vuk. 1787-1864. Serbian scholar. Adapted cyrillic alphabet for Serbian. Collected folk stories and songs 1814. [Read more ...]

Karageorge, George. 1762-1817. Serbian. Led revolt vs Turks, 1804. Murdered by Milos, starting 100 year feud. [Read more ...]

Karaiism. 8C-. Jewish sect. Rejects Talmud. Accepts only Biblical authority. vs Rabbinical Judaism. [Read more ...]

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