The Pocket Guide to World History

Kalevala. Finnish national epic poem compiled by Lönnrot, 1835. [Read more ...]

Kali. Hindu goddess of death and destruction. [Read more ...]

Kalidasa. 5C. Indian dramatist. Sakuntala. [Read more ...]

Kalinin, Mikhail. 1875-1946. Soviet Head of State, 1919-46. [Read more ...]

Kaliningrad. 1946- On site of Königsberg, destroyed 1945. Russian enclave surrounded by Poland, Lithuania. [Read more ...]

Kalmar Union. 1397-1523. Denmark, Norway, Sweden. Established by Queen Margaret of Denmark. [Read more ...]

Kalmar War. 1611-13. Denmark defeats Sweden, dominates Baltic. [Read more ...]

Kalmyks. Nomadic Mongolian peoples. 17C Settled Lower Volga. 1771 Forced back at great loss of life. 1945 Exiled to Siberia. 1957 Restored. [Read more ...]

Kamakura. 1192-1333. Japanese Shogunate dynasty. Zen. Introduced No Theater. Joei. Hojo. Daigo II. [Read more ...]

Kamehameha I. c1758-1819. Hawaiian king 1810-. United islands. [Read more ...]

Kamenev, Lev. 1883-1936. Russian Bolshevik leader in Triumvirate with Stalin, Zinoviev, 1922-. Executed in Purge. [Read more ...]

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