The Pocket Guide to World History

Jaruzelski, Wojciech. 1923-. Polish leader 1981-90. Banned Solidarity -1989. First free elections, 1989, since WWII. [Read more ...]

Jason. Led Argonauts in quest for Golden Fleece. [Read more ...]

Jaspers, Karl. 1883-1969. German Existential philosopher. Philosophie 1932. [Read more ...]

Jassy, Treaty. 1792. Ends Russo-Turkish war. Russia gains Crimea. [Read more ...]

Jauhar. Indian woman’s suicide by fire before husband’s expected death in battle. [Read more ...]

Jaurès, Jean. 1859-1914. French socialist leader. L’Armée nouvelle 1910. [Read more ...]

Java. 3C BC Indian infl. 8C Srivijaya(W). 13C Majapahit. 16C Mataran (Islamic). 1618 Dutch E Ind Co...1799 Dutch. 1811-16 British occupy. 1910 Indonesia. 1942-5 Japan occupies. [Read more ...]

Java Man. First known fossils of Homo Erectus, discovered 1891. [Read more ...]

Java Sea, Battle. 1942. Japanese naval victory over Allies. [Read more ...]

Jay, John. 1745-1829. US president of Continental Congress 1778. First Chief Justice. Jay’s Treaty. [Read more ...]

Jay’s Treaty. 1794. Brititish concessions to US to avoid another war doesn’t appease Americans. [Read more ...]

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