The Pocket Guide to World History

Jabir Ibn Hayyan. c721-815. Arab alchemist. Mercury+sulphur=gold. 2,000 works. [Read more ...]

Jack the Ripper. Murderer of 7 London prostitutes 1887-8. Identity unknown. [Read more ...]

Jackson, A.Y. 1882-1974. Canadian landscape painter. Led Group of Seven. [Read more ...]

Jackson, Andrew. 1767-1845. US President 1829-37. General 1812-18. Opposed tarrifs. Retired public debt 1835. Spoils system. Universal white male suffrage. Kitchen Cabinet. New Orleans. [Read more ...]

Jackson, Thomas “Stonewall”. 1824-63. Mexican War and Confederacy general. Bull Run, Shenandoah, Antietam. [Read more ...]

Jacob. Old Testament. 3rd patriarch of 12 tribes of Israel. Grandson of Abraham. Son of Isaac. God changed name to Israel. [Read more ...]

Jacobean Architecture. 1600-1625. English Tudor style refined, restrained and harmonized. U and H plans. Jones. [Read more ...]

Jacobins. 1789-94. Robespierre-led radical democratic French Revolutionary group. In power 1793-4. -“Holy League against the enemies of liberty”. [Read more ...]

Jacobites. 1688-1753. Supporters of exiled James II and Stuart line after Glorious Revolution. 1715 “Old Pretender” James fails to claim British throne. 1745-6. Bonnie Prince Charlie unable to reclaim throne of England/Scotland. Stuart supporters aided rebels in Scotland and Ireland. Culloden Moor. [Read more ...]

Jacquard, Joseph. 1752-1834. French engineer: punched card loom for pattern weaving 1805. [Read more ...]

Jacquemart de Hesdin. Court painter: Grandes Heures du Duc de Berry 1409. [Read more ...]

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