The Pocket Guide to World History

Israel. Palestine. 1948. Republic proclaimed, recognized by US, UN. Jerusalem. [Read more ...]

Israel, Lost Tribes of. 772BC. 10 tribes exiled. Unknown fate. [Read more ...]

Israelites. -930BC. Descendants of Jacob. 930BC- Inhabitants of N Palestine vs Judah. Jews who are not Cohens or Levites. [Read more ...]

Issus, Battle. 333BC. Alexander the Great defeats Persians under Darius III. [Read more ...]

Isthmian Games. 582BC-393 AD. Corinthian athletic, musical competitions. Olympics. [Read more ...]

Italian East Africa. 1936-41. Italian colonies in Africa. Ethiopia, Eritrea, Italian Somaliland. [Read more ...]

Italian Somaliland. 1890 Italy. 1936-41 WWII Colony. 1960 +British Somaliland =Somalia. [Read more ...]

Italian Wars. 1494-1559. Spain, HRE defeat France for control of Italy. [Read more ...]

Italo-Ethiopian War. 1935-6. Italy conquers Ethiopia. Demonstrated League of Nations ineffectiveness. [Read more ...]

Italo-Turkish War. 1911-12. Italy gains Libya and Rhodes. 1911 First offensive use of airplane (vs Libya). [Read more ...]

Italy. 1861 Kingdom. 1946 Republic. Rome. Cisalpine Republic. Florence. Lombardy. Sardinia. Sicily. Tuscany. Venice. [Read more ...]

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