The Pocket Guide to World History

Ionesco, Eugène. 1912-94. Romanian/French dramatist of Absurd. Bald Prima Donna 1950. Rhinoceros 1959. [Read more ...]

Ionia. 1000BC Greeks colonize. 546BC Cyrus. 479 Independent. 334 Alexander. 133BC Rome. 15C Ottomans destroyed cities. [Read more ...]

Ionian School. 6C BC. Greek philosophers. Thales. Araximanedes. Diogenes. Explained phenomena in terms of physical forces. [Read more ...]

Ionic Order. 6C BC. Greek architectural style. Fluted columns with scroll-shaped capital. [Read more ...]

Iphigeneia. Greek daughter of Agamemnon, sacrificed to save the Achaean fleet. [Read more ...]

Ipsus, Battle. 301BC. Antigonus’ defeat marks end of Alexander’s Empire. [Read more ...]

Iran. (Persia). 3000BC Elamite. 9C BC Median. 549 Achaemenid emp. 330 Alexander...Seleucid. 2C BC Arsacid. 224 Sassanid. 7C Moslem. 10C Local dynasties. 11C Seljuk Turks. 13C Mongol. 1501 Safavid. 1736 Nader Shah. 1795 Kajar dynasty 19C Britain, Russia dispute. 1925 Pahlavi coup. 1935 = Iran. 1979 Islamic Revolution, Khomeini dictator. Islamic Republic. [Read more ...]

Iran-Iraq War. 1980-90. Iraq seeks oil rich Khuzestan. US supports war on Islamic regime. [Read more ...]

Iraq. Mesopotamia. 1920 British mandate. 1921 Kingdom = Iraq. 1932 Independent. 1958 Arab Federation 1958 Left-wing coup, Republic. 1963 Anti-Communist coup. 1979 Hussein dictator. 1990 Kuwait Invasion. [Read more ...]

Ireland. 400BC-100 Celts. 432 Christianity. 8-14C Norse/British invade, settle. 1002 Brian Boru. 1573 English plantations. 1801 United Kingdom. 1921 Irish Free State/Northern Ireland. [Read more ...]

Ireland, John. 1879-1962. English chamber music composer. Forgotten Rite 1913. [Read more ...]

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